Simplicity is an American Made product with various
models to choose from. For more details on the
Simplicity vacuums, just click on the picture below.

Sebo vacuums are German engineered by the world's
largest manufacturer of commercial vacuums. Whether
you prefer an upright or a canister, Sebo has a vacuum
can meet your needs. For more information on Sebo
models, click on the picture below.

Vacuum Bags and Belts
Having a hard time finding
those vacuum bags and belts
for that old vacuum? Try us.
Our Muscatine store carries
many hard to find bags and
belts. When looking for a
vacuum item, think Neal's
first. Send us an e-mail at:

IQ Air
Now days, we are all concerned about the air we
breath. There is only so much we can do about the
outside air, but you can do something about the air in
your home. The Health Pro Plus is the America's top
rated room air purifier. You can "breathe easy" if you
have one of these in your home.

For more information on
the IQ Air, just click on
the picture to the left.