Class Fees

We are happy to have so many people wanting to take classes.  In order that it remains fair to all, you will need to pay
for your class at the time of signing up to hold your spot.  If you sign up over the website we will hold your spot for 1
week to give you a chance to come in or mail a check. All class fees are to be paid directly to the class instructor by
either cash or check.  Although Neal's is happy to accept your payment and hold it for the teacher, please make checks
payable directly to the class instructor.  Thank you.
Due to many people having allergies to different scents, we respectfully request
that if you are taking a class at Neal's,  you refrain from wearing perfumes.
Those with allergies appreciate your help.
Neal's Vacuum & Sewing Center
Classes, Classes, and More Classes
Classes are a great way for you to get more enjoyment from your sewing.  Whether you need training on your new machine or maybe you
maybe you are a young person that is just getting started and a kids class is just what you need to help make your creative juices flow.   Here
upcoming classes on the Calendar Page.
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